Kristen Ruby

Principles of Marketing | Erik Huberman

SPEAKER A and SPEAKER C talk about eric huberman, the founder of hawk media and author of a new book called the hawk method. SPEAKER A and SPEAKER C discuss the three principles of marketing.

SPEAKER B talks about the idea of a purchase cycle. SPEAKER A notes that the average purchase cycle is three weeks for $100, five weeks for $200, and six weeks for anything above that. SPEAKER C mentions that email marketing can drive about 25% of your revenue. SPEAKER B discusses the post purchase champion development.

SPEAKER A notes that people forget they’re optimizing to the numbers they have, and that’s one of the most devastating things to do in marketing. SPEAKER B talks about keyword research. SPEAKER A says people don’t go to google to find their fashion.

SPEAKER B and SPEAKER A talk about working with large brands that focus on extremely high volume topics. SPEAKER B says eric also performs for 28,000 other topics. SPEAKER C notes that eric said if you’re not introducing new customers into the sales funnel, you’re slowly dying. SPEAKER A talks about how over time, you’re going to lose customers.

SPEAKER A notes that they were confident they would be successful and that they pulled in a ton of incredible record executives and rock stars to coach musicians on how to make money. SPEAKER A talks about how 90% of musicians are struggling because they’re lazy. SPEAKER C says agencies are built by snake oil salesmen who know how to sell services but don’t know how to grow businesses.

SPEAKER B notes that agencies don’t understand agency valuations and that makes them stand out from the crowd. SPEAKER B talks about how seo technical has a few agencies who are really intelligent business persons, and they’re focused on valuation. SPEAKER B says there’s a top 1% of agency leads that are ultra rock stars.

SPEAKER A notes that they dealt with a client who hired them to do a few things, then said they didn’t want them to handle conversion or nurturing. SPEAKER A says they have hundreds of people who have worked with thousands of brands. SPEAKER A notes that they have way more data and knowledge of marketing than you could ever imagine.

SPEAKER B discusses working with companies that stand out from the crowd and don’t act as toxic. SPEAKER B mentions that you’ve got to be confident in the ethics of both your account manager, your project manager, and the overall sentiment of the agency. SPEAKER C mentions timelines and patience when it comes to content marketing success.

SPEAKER A talks about content marketing as a way to engage people above and beyond a purchase decision. SPEAKER A mentions that the biggest part of content that people miss is people sharing their content. SPEAKER A talks about how content drives word of mouth, which by far is the biggest driver of success in any business.

SPEAKER C discusses malpractice in the area of pr and marketing. SPEAKER A notes that they do an audit for every company they bring on. SPEAKER A mentions that the biggest cause of a lack of growth is the inability to retain clients.

SPEAKER A mentions the process of doing an audit on a client’s analytics. SPEAKER A says they have checks and balances to make sure the service team agrees with what was sold into. SPEAKER A discusses outsourcing cmos. SPEAKER A says there are two misconceptions about outsourcing cmos.

SPEAKER A notes that they are not reliant on any specific company for survival of hoc media. SPEAKER A says they have a ton of companies picking up their book for employees.